[CES 2019] 'Samsung Smart TVs will ultimately have built-in Google Assistant, Alexa'

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This app is part of the "Google Play" Android app bundle, so it's included in the box in pretty much every Android phone sold outside of China.

There are large, large numbers of feature phones in the market today - hundreds of millions. In that regard, Google's aptly-named Assistant AI is doing particularly well. It's also now compatible with over 10,000 smart home devices - a whopping 600-percent increase over the last year - while the number of active Assistant users has grown four times over the past year.

In recapping how the Google Assistant "became more helpful in 2018", the company leads with an interesting prediction. Active users are categorized as those that use the Google Assistant at least once in a pre-determined time period, usually a week or a month.

That number, which includes smartphones, Google Home speakers, and other gadgets equipped with the assistant, is up from 500 million devices last May.

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The voice-controlled intelligent personal assistant service was first launched in November 2014 and has since been developed so that other companies' devices and services are able to connect to it.

The big picture: Smart assistants like Amazon's Alexa and Apple's Siri have always been popular, but they've only really started to pick up traction over the past couple of years. This year is no different. Google Assistant vice president Manuel Bronstein, though, told The Verge what's behind that massive expansion, and it's exactly what you think. Bronstein mentioned that trying to communicate on a feature phone is not as simple as on a smartphone.

Google Assistant has come a long way over the previous year, so the growth is kind of well-deserved.