Huawei finance boss Meng Wanzhou charged by United States 'had seven passports'

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United States prosecutors want to extradite Ms Meng to face accusations that she misrepresented Huawei's relationship to a company that transacted business in Iran despite U.S. sanctions, according to evidence in a bail hearing today.

He added that Ms Meng should not be granted bail because she could be a flight risk due to her wealth and connections overseas. He said her actions exposed the banks to potential fines for violating USA sanctions.

John Gibb-Carsley said Meng is alleged to have said Huawei and Skycom were separate companies in a meeting with an unnamed financial institution, misleading an executive with that institution and putting it at risk. Evidence also showed that Skycom was sold in 2009, not to an unrelated entity but to one also controlled by Huawei until at least 2014.

As a gallery full of worldwide media and concerned locals sat rapt in downtown Vancouver's largest courtroom, a legal argument over whether Ms. Meng should be awarded bail while facing extradition to the United States began delving into the details of a saga that has drawn Canada into a global power struggle between the United States and China, which has called for her release.

Officials from major USA companies who attended the event - a scheduled meeting of the local chapter of the U.S. department of state's Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC) - voiced their concerns about a Chinese reprisal, two people with knowledge of the meeting said.

The US sparked an worldwide incident when they ordered the arrest of Meng Wangzhou, CFO of Chinese telecom giant Huawei.

Washington and Beijing have exchanged steep tariffs on more than $300 billion in total two-way trade, locking them in a conflict that has begun to eat into profits.

Trump himself sought to inject a note of optimism into the proceedings, going on Twitter before dawn Friday to say: "China talks are going very well!"

Speaking at Thursday's press conference, Shuang responded to allegations that Meng's arrest had to do with Chinese intelligence services being suspected of involvement in the hacking of the USA hotel group Marriot, saying that he was "not aware" of the situation.

"Yes, I think we have to be anxious about those companies because they set new rules according with their IT companies, their producers", Ansip said.

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Influential tabloid the Global Times, published by the ruling Communist Party's People's Daily, said that the USA was "resorting to a despicable rogue's approach as it can not stop Huawei's 5G advance in the market".

Meng spent most of the past week at a women´s detention facility in a suburb of Vancouver.

Meng, who takes her last name from her mother, received a master's degree from Huazhong University of Science and Technology in Wuhun, China, and started in a low-level position at Huawei in 1993 when she in her 20s. All security costs would be borne by her.

The extradition process could take months, even years, if appeals are made in the case. The court heard Meng´s husband Xiaozong Liu owns two mansions in the city.

Then it is up to Canada's justice minister to decide whether to extradite her.

The Canadian Extradition Act requires that in order for a person to be extradited, the individual must be facing charges for an offence deemed criminal in both Canada and the country seeking the extradition request.

Canada is not providing further details about the case because of a court-ordered publication ban.

"I can assure everyone that we are a country (with) an independent judiciary", Trudeau told a tech conference in Montreal.

"This is one of the U.S.'s many tactics and tools used in its trade war with China to maximize its gains".

"In the negotiations, of course, they'll push that across the table and make it as embarrassing for the Canadians as possible", he said.