Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct Nov 1

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During its Nintendo Direct for Super Smash Bros.

It looks like Nintendo will be drip-feeding new characters in paid DLC, with current plans for five add-on packs each with a brand-new fighter, new fighting stage, and additional bonus tracks to underscore the action.

In it, the final two fighters were revealed to be Street Fighter's Ken - an Echo Fighter of Ryu with more kicking - and the fire-fighting type Pokemon Incineroar, rounding off the list to 74 total fighters at launch.

However, that's not all they have planned with characters.

The ultimate message seems to be that not only are these spirits going to be crucial, some of the combinations could be hugely powerful, and it's going to open up some really deep meta play for the hardcore.

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The online mode will try to prioritize finding opponents that are nearby, and Nintendo recommends buying an Ethernet adapter for the Switch to get more stable connections.

Last week's Grinch leak in particular, which gave some Smash fans hope that Banjoe Kazooie and other odd characters would be added into the game at release, turns out to have clearly been a hoax. The Nintendo Online phone app will allow for voice chat, and a new app called Smash World will launch sometime after the game, which will focus on players sharing fun gameplay moments. But it does contain a Mii Fighter outfit, and Xenoblade Spirits and music from the Xenoblade Chronicles.

That being said, Nintendo did reveal Piranha Plant from the Mario franchise, a new downloadable fighter that will be offered outside of the Fighters Pass content.

Piranha Plant is also coming.