Republican Donald Trump elected President of the United States of America

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One of Trump's most vocal defenders on immigration, Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, lost his bid for governor.

He didn't sound very sorry.

"They can play that game, but we can play it better", Mr Trump said at a White House news conference.

Love is trailing her Democratic opponent Ben McAdams, but her race hasn't yet been called.

But the GOP solidified their Senate majority after an acerbic midterm election that enshrined America's deep political divides and shaped a highly contentious battleground for the stirring 2020 presidential race.

'Beto O'Rourke was a Lone Star in his attempt to take Texas, however, the fact that Ted did anything but Cruz to victory in a largely blue state suggests the Democrat's latest poster boy is a genuine contender for the White House, ' said William Hill spokesman Joe Crilly. Trump's remarks shared his predecessors' candor but none of their humility. Candidates who embraced his message "excelled", and those who didn't faltered, the president added, ticking off a selective list of defeated Republicans to support his point.

"I'm not sure if I should be happy or sad", Trump said of the losses suffered by Republican candidates who distanced themselves from his unpopular presidency. Bob Hugin, I feel badly because I think that's something that could've been won, a race that could've been won. They also attracted a higher proportion of younger voters than at the last midterm elections four years ago and their new lawmakers will make the House younger, more female and more diverse.

In this election, the Republican Party competed on some of the most favorable terrain it is likely to have over the next several cycles. In the party of Trump, loyalty is a one-way street.

President Donald Trump on Tuesday night lost control of the House of Representatives.

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And in the Midwest a onetime Somali refugee, Ilhan Omar, and Rashida Tlaib, who is the daughter of Palestinian immigrants, shared the historic distinction of becoming the first two Muslim women elected to the US Congress. There will be plenty of both groups present when the 116th Congress begins in January. The specifics of their arguments differ, but the central thesis is the same. Republicans in the state recently passed a bill to require women to seek more counseling before they get an abortion. In many key states where he campaigned aggressively - including Florida, Missouri, Indiana, Tennessee and Texas - Republican statewide candidates prevailed, perhaps due to Trump's rollicking, improvisational rallies. And Republicans have a reason to go along as well: Infrastructure spending would boost economic growth, which is forecast to slow in 2019 - just before the 2020 elections. Marsha Blackburn, who was elected Tuesday to replace Corker, made Trump's endorsement a centerpiece of her campaign-a fitting analogy for the transformation of the GOP on the national stage.

Some races were still too close to call early Wednesday but even with Democrats winning almost 30 seats, the result clearly fell far short of Republicans' worst fears of losing 40 or more.

While 29-year old progressive Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez captured the attention of progressives around the country with her surprising victory in the Democratic primary, her race was essentially over at that stage.

However, any attempt to impeach Trump is likely to run headlong into resistance in the GOP-controlled Senate.

"If you're not connecting with the workers, then you're not going to be able to do well", Ryan said in an interview. "Sorry about that, Mia". Polls have already demonstrated that many of its policy views are extremely unpopular, but talking to a pollster is a considerably different proposition than casting a vote for someone who will exercise political power. "There's definitely a turnout benefit to talking to conservatives the way Trump has".

The White House news conference was punctuated by Trump's escalating attacks on the media.

At one point during the press conference, a visibly angry Trump branded CNN's White House correspondent Jim Acosta a "rude, awful person" and an "enemy of the people" in a testy exchange.

In another article-which was published as a conversation between columnists Frank Bruni and Ross Douthat-in The New York Times, Douthat pointed out that throughout the 2016 campaign, Republicans were hopeful that "Trump would start behaving a little more like a normal politician, or just a normal human being".

Trump may not care much.