Imran Khan rebukes Donald Trump over 'false' Osama bin Laden claims

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Admiral McRaven has condemned Trump's attacks on the media, saying a year ago that they present, "the greatest threat to democracy in my lifetime".

"Of course we should have captured Osama bin Laden long before we did", the USA president tweeted, echoing remarks he gave to Fox News Sunday that drew the ire of Pakistan, where bin Laden had been hiding.

Continuing his tirade against Pakistan, President Donald Trump on Monday said the U.S. has paid Islamabad billions of dollars but it never told the Americans that the Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden was living in that country.

"In reply to another tweet calling out Mr Trump over his remarks, Ms Mazari said: "@realDonaldTrump suffers conveniently from perpetual historic amnesia!" "I did not back Hillary Clinton or anyone else [in 2016]", Mr McRaven told CNN.

President Trump has promised to cut aid to countries like Pakistan and Afghanistan that "do nothing for us", and has accused Pakistan of sheltering Osama bin Laden since 9/11.

Trump wrote in "The America We Deserve", which was published in January 2000, about bin Laden, but did not predict that the madman would be the architect of a plot to crash planes into the World Trade Center. He also criticised the country for allegedly offering al-Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden a hideout in Abbottabad.

"But living in Pakistan right next to the military academy, everybody in Pakistan knew he was there", Trump added.

Pakistan denies it knew bin Laden's whereabouts prior to the raid, which was carried out without its knowledge. "U.S. "aid" was a miniscule $20bn".

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PM Khan fired back at Trump, saying the US president's "false assertions add insult to injury Pakistan has suffered in the US War on Terror".

"Now we will do what is best for our people and our interests", the cricketer-turned politician said on Twitter.

William McRaven commanded the operations that killed Osama Bin Laden, captured Saddam Hussein, and rescued Captain Phillips. Pak has suffered enough fighting U.S. war.

As the latest round of U.S. -Taliban talks in Qatar failed to bring any breakthroughs, a new U.S. assessment said on Monday that military and political signs point toward continued stalemate in Afghanistan.

Derrick Van Orden sounds off on "inappropriate" criticism of President Trump.

This isn't the first time O'Neill has been critical of the president.

McRaven also joined a group of former top national security leaders who asked Trump to take away their security clearances after Trump pulled the one that belonged to another critic, former CIA Director John Brennan.

Following the recent tirade of the United States (US) President Donald Trump against Pakistan, the Pentagon elucidated that no change has taken place in the Pak-US military relations.