Democrats fight to win control of the House in 2018 midterms

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"Trump has hijacked the election". You go back to 2001, 2000, they think they got jobbed when the Supreme Court stole the election in the Florida recount away from Algore.

But what if that doesn't happen?

Trump, though, nearly assuredly will face an avalanche of investigations into his tax returns, his payments to adult-film star Stormy Daniels and his relationship with Russian Federation if Democrats win back the House - which comes with the much-coveted power to subpoena and launch congressional investigations.

The Daily Beast has examined that "unthinkable" scenario in some depth.

Democratic challenger Beto O'Rourke's campaign against Republican incumbent senator Ted Cruz has become one of the biggest races to watch in the 2018 midterms. Trump's enemies are gambling everything on winning.

But while the party only needs two more seats to take control of the Senate, this is likely to be a much tougher challenge for the Democrats.

The predictive model at FiveThirtyEight now projects an 88 per cent chance of them winning the seats required.

Trump doesn't think much of that poll. It all depends on how accurately they have predicted voter turnout.

While the economy continues to thrive, Trump has spent much of the campaign's final days railing against a caravan of Latin American immigrants hoping to seek asylum at the USA border.

Historically, though, Republicans are more reliable voters in midterm elections.

Donald Trump is an extraordinarily polarising person.

Democratic candidates for the House of Representatives have raised $649m (£500m) from individual donors, more than double the $312m tally for the Republicans. Very high. In several states, there have been more early votes this year than there were total votes last time, in 2014. 3% of likely voters said they would choose another candidate while 6% were undecided.

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As the results begin to come in later in the day, Wolf said he's going to be closely watching the gubernatorial races. "Just even the fact of it being so much, is it simply a matter that early votes have expanded?"

What if their nightmare comes true again?

Democrats also threaten to recapture governors' offices in several battleground states such as Michigan, Wisconsin and OH, a potential help for the party in those states in the 2020 presidential race.

Bernie Sanders, the leftist populist who some feel would have had a better chance than Clinton to take on Trump in 2016, lashed out Monday at the president, calling him a "pathological liar". "But it could be good for Trump - for his own personal political goals". A Democratic failure would be cataclysmic for the Resist movement.

Former president Barack Obama seized on the differences between the parties in a late scramble to motivate voters across America.

The first national elections since Mr Trump captured the White House in a stunning 2016 upset will be a referendum on the Republican President and his policies, and a test of whether Democrats can turn the energy of the liberal anti-Trump resistance into victories at the ballot box.

Florida - The state's former Governor Rick Scott is running to unseat Democrat Senator Bill Nelson, with gun control issues dominating the debate.

"A failure to take the House would be near apocalyptic for the country", Democratic Congressman Jim Hines told Esquire. They are also poised to make history with a number of LGBT candidates and Muslims up and down the ballot. A CNN poll gave Democrats the largest margin, a 13-point advantage; an NBC/Wall Street Journal poll had the Democratic lead at 7 points.

This has been accounted for by all major news organisations, and pollsters are now more likely to err on the side of caution and assume that small polling errors - errors that would be insignificant if they were isolated - may be replicated across different locations and elections and therefore may have an impact on the overall vote. If Trump runs for re-election, someone else will have to lead the charge against him.

"I'm not going to get into the specifics of the investigation", Kemp told reporters.

"He is kind of a towering figure in the party".

Under the U.S. constitution a president can be removed from office "for, and conviction of, treason, bribery, or other high crimes or misdemeanours".