Saudi Arabia says it will respond to any economic sanctions: SPA

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Analysts say that Turkey is hoping to find support from its North Atlantic Treaty Organisation ally the United States in the case, although Ankara-Washington have been in crisis over the detention for the last two years of a Protestant pastor.

In a piece for the New York Times on Saturday, Hatice Cengiz, Khashoggi's fiancee, has said "condemnation" alone was not good enough if the journalist had been murdered.

The Saudi critic has not been seen since he walked into the kingdom's consulate in Istanbul on October 2, with Turkish officials accusing Riyadh of murdering him inside the diplomatic mission.

Published reports based on anonymous sources say he was killed by the Saudis.

Saudi Arabia has said it had nothing to do with Khashoggi's disappearance, without explaining or offering evidence of how the writer left the consulate and disappeared into Istanbul with his fiancée waiting outside.

Saudi Arabia has denied the accusations and said in previous statements that Khashoggi exited the consulate after his business there was conducted.

He warned that that if it turns out that Saudi authorities are behind all this, the United States would inflict "severe punishment" on them.

His comments come days after Saudi Arabia said it would open its consulate for a search but that is yet to happen. Saudi Arabia has vehemently denied involvement in the journalists' disappearance.

However, it puts more pressure on Saudi Arabia to explain what happened to Khashoggi, who has written critically about Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, after he walked into the consulate October 2.

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"There's something really bad and disgusting about that, if that was the case, so we're going to have to see", Trump said. "We want to see this", Cavusoglu said. "I mean, they're going to get back, and they have been getting back", he said.

Prince Abdulaziz noted that Saudi Arabia and Turkey have agree to conduct a joint investigation and it is important for the media to report only the facts and "not to affect the paths of investigation and judicial proceedings". "To use a word that's a pretty harsh word but it's true", Trump said.

The Saudi delegation was in Turkey, due to have talks this weekend in Ankara and take part in a working group on the disappearance whose creation was announced by Erdogan's spokesman, official Turkish media said.

Sabah said the audio of his "interrogation, torture and possible killing was recorded and automatically sent to both his iPhone and cloud account".

The Post cited officials as saying that Turkish officials were wary of releasing the recordings, fearing they could divulge how the Turks spy on foreign entities in their country.

"There are other things we can do that are very, very powerful, very strong", Trump said, without providing specifics.

I had high hopes for the current government in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its leader Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, and it is why I was delighted to accept two directorships in the tourism projects around the Red Sea.

There is suspicion he may have been killed for criticising the kingdom's Crown Prince and de facto ruler, Mohammed bin Salman.

However, Trump did not commit to implementing sanctions or cutting military arms deals with the Saudis if it is discovered they are responsible for Khashoggi's disappearance or death.