Fortnite goes physical* on Switch with Deep Freeze Bundle

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The curious bit here is that instead of publishing it themselves, Epic has opted to partner with Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment to deliver the game. Well, according to the press release, you get Fortnite Battle Royale (weird, since it's free to play, but oh well), plus premium content. Describing the new limited time mode, Epic writes, "Break out your best moves and take control of the dance floor in this new Limited Time Mode". This mode involves two teams of fifty players, with players able to respawn until the final storm circle. Five dance floors will spring up on the map when the storm is not actively moving. According to market analyst, Sensor Tower, the popular battle-royale game made $300 Million in revenue in the last 200 days just on iOS.

Your dance bar - excellent - raises with every captured dance floor. The objective is to fill up your team's dance meter by capturing dance floors that can be found scattered across the map.

The goal is not to eliminate everyone on the enemy team, but to rather fill up your dance bar. It fires up to four rockets in quick succession, each of which will deal up to 80/84 damage, depending on the variation (epic and legendary are available).

Loot rules are the same as 50v50, and the glider redeploy mechanic from the Soaring 50s limited time mode is activated in Disco Domination. As is usually the case with legendary weapons, it might have an epic variant.

The rare Grenade Launcher has seen a reduction in loot drop percentage from 1.45% to 0.99%.

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On top of the new additions, the Port-a-Fortress has returned to the game.

A change that was introduced in V6.01 that allowed Bonesy the dog to bark more than intended has been removed.

The Texture pool size on the Xbox One has been increased.

The Outfit still appears properly in-game.