Lexus rearview mirror cameras will debut in October

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It's not the cleanest execution of the technology we've seen but it offers several advantages over conventional mirrors, according to Lexus. It will be the first mass-produced vehicle in the world to adopt such mirrors, the Japanese automaker said.

By installing small exterior cameras on the front doors, Lexus vehicles will provide its drivers with a clearer view of the vehicle's surrounding area.

There are other benefits too, including the cameras being able to resist the buildup of raindrops or snow thanks to their design, and better visibility in all conditions.

Lexus calls the system Digital Side-View Monitors and the images each camera captures are beamed to 5-inch display monitors located inside the cabin.

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- The camera will display the images on a monitor inside the cabin placed at the bottom of the A-pillar. This allows for enhanced views of the area around the auto at night and in inclement weather, Lexus says.

Alongside the more streamlined, sleeker look its new Digital Side-View Mirrors provides are a host of neat tech features created to help make the driving experience safer and more convenient.

Of course, this system also allows for slim and futuristic looking "side mirrors" that provide better forward visibility and the reduction of wind noise, due to their smaller surface area. Whenever the driver uses the car's indicators or engages reverse "the system automatically enhances the corresponding area". If you are excited about ordering an ES with this mirror tech, Lexus says that it will only be available in Japan.

Lexus has become the first automaker to replace door-mounted mirrors with cameras in a series-produced auto.