Dont touch me, US Senator Rubio warns conspiracy theorist Alex Jones

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Neither Jones nor Infowars actually earned a mention inside the Senate's hearing room, as lawmakers debated how to combat the influence of foreign powers like Russian Federation to influence the American political process.

Marco Rubio fends off Alex Jones on Capitol Hill. "I'm asking you not to touch me".

"Marco Rubio just threatened to beat me up!" "That's why you didn't get elected, because you're snake-like". "You are not going to silence me".

"They will have people who are Central Intelligence Agency say, "Alex Jones works for the Russians", he continued.

"I just patted you nicely", Jones replied, before insinuating Rubio wanted to have him arrested.

Twitter also said that it "will take action" if in the future it discovers other accounts being used to get around the ban of Jones and InfoWars.

For the next three minutes, the one-time presidential candidate was inches away from Jones as Jones shouted insults and interrupted Rubio as he tried to answer questions.

Jones takes the comment and runs with it.

Rubio ignored Jones for the rest of the gaggle with reporters, as Jones continued to heckle him and pose questions to the media: "I wonder why Rubio got so mad and physically threatened me?"

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Jones is the founder and host of Infowars, a far-right conspiracy theorist website.

CNBC on Wednesday aired video of libertarian radio host Alex Jones shouting about how the government had not intervened when he was removed from social media platforms.

Jones has railed against the bans, claiming tech companies are censoring him. USA companies like Facebook and Twitter were silencing conservative voices and are no better than the government of China, he argued.

"He plays dumb., you know what it is, full well".

Jones then touched Rubio on the shoulder, as seen in video of the exchange.

At that, Rubio paused to look at Jones and said, "This dude's weird, man".

Shot back Jones, "Go back to your bathhouse".

"I've got to go to the committee". Jones recently failed to shut down a lawsuit brought forth by parents of the shooting's victims.

Rubio later told reporters that coverage of Jones made "crazy people superstars".