Amazon updates its Echo Dot, Echo Plus and Echo Show

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In reference to the latter question, the microwave provides an opportunity for Amazon to try out a new developer's toolkit and to do what the online retailer does best - sell you stuff.

That's right, Amazon is turning your house into its own echo chamber.

Amazon also took the opportunity to shed light on new Alexa skills, and features available to third-party devices, as well as announcing that it would add broadcasting capabilities to the Echo, Fire TV and Alexa app later this year.

There's no question that the Amazon Echo is a brilliant device but one of its issues is that it simply doesn't sound very good. When paired together with an Echo or Echo Plus, the Echo Sub function as a subwoofer would.

The sub is a £119.99 device that sits alongside your existing speakers to add bass and, presumably, cause a sense of rising panic for executives working for Sonos, Bose or any other high-end audio manufacturer. You can also pick it up as part of an Echo 2.1 stereo bundle in your choice of colors for $249.97.

"Even when there's construction, or you're cranking up the music with the air conditioning on high, Echo Auto can hear your requests", Amazon said.

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If the report is to be believed the Google Home Hub smart display will cost $149, this will be a quite cool gadget at a reasonable price. Alongside the phones, Google is also expected to launch a smart speaker, which according to rumours will be called Google Home Hub.

Why a microwave? It's "the most popular appliance that's out there today", according to Amazon, but also "one of the hardest devices to integrate with".

Echo Show, the video-screen carrying version of the smart speaker, has been given a revamp too, featuring an improved speaker system alongside its 10-inch HD screen, which can be used to stream videos and make video calls. This means that owners can ask Alexa what the temperature is in an individual room. The original Google Home and Google Home Max appeared six months and a year after the USA launches, respectively.

As per an exclusive report by MySmartPrice, the Google Home Hub will have a 7-inch touchscreen mounted to a giant speaker base which is reminiscent of the Google Home Max, albeit a tad less powerful.

The new Echo Dot will still have coveted features, like a line-out jack and Bluetooth connection, so you can connect it to a separate speaker.