Amazon tipped to launch 8 Alexa smart home and vehicle gadgets

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Amazon is all set to introduce a range of Alexa-powered devices before the end of the year. Speaking at the IFA trade show in Berlin earlier this month, Daniel Rausch, vice president of smart home at Amazon, said the company's vision for Alexa was to create something similar to the Star Trek computer - something anyone could use anywhere and in a natural way.

It could release a microwave, amplifier, receiver, subwoofer and an in-car gadget, CNBC reported, citing sources close to the situation. That could give Amazon a chance to rival high-end voice-activated audio offerings like Google's $400 Home Max, Apple's $350 HomePod, and Samsung's Galaxy Home. Sonos released two speakers that feature Alexa.

It's unclear if the new devices will consist exclusively of collaborations between Amazon and other tech manufacturers, or if all of the devices will be made and sold by Amazon. It's worth noting that the company launched an SDK to help auto makers integrate the assistant into their vehicle entertainment systems last month, so it may have had this in the works for quite some time. The upcoming products will mark Amazon's first step into the home appliances field, and CNBC notes that this will thereby put the company in direct competition with companies like Sonos and GE. CNBC's report claims that an internal Amazon document points at the online retailer revealing some or all of these devices at an event scheduled for later this month. Of course, there are rumours that Amazon is also building robots for the home.

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Amazon, of course, declined to comment about the news. This is Amazon preparing to push into all of your home electronics and appliances. Amazon could launch a few from the list towards September-end. With eight new Alexa-enabled devices, the company is working along that goal.

The thing that perhaps makes it unique is that you'll be able to control it via the Alexa app on your phone.