Twitch Announces the End to Ad-Free Viewing for Prime Members

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Twitch Prime, a service the streaming video site offers in partnership with its parent company Amazon, will no longer be ad-free for new members starting September 14.

Twitch doesn't agree. Starting next month, even if you pay for a Twitch Prime subscription you will still be subjected to ads.

While Twitch positions the move as a way of financially supporting streamers, its motivations can be questioned thanks to the existence of another way to remove adverts from streams: Twitch Turbo, an $8.99 a month subscription service paid on top of, or instead of, an Amazon Prime subscription.

As of September 14, Twitch Prime users will start seeing pre-roll, mid-roll, and display ads while watching broadcasts across the streaming site, which was bought by Amazon in 2014 and now attracts over 15 million daily users - largely for live-streams of video-game playthroughs and esports events.

Avid Twitch content consumers should know that ad-free viewing is going away soon because Amazon wants Twitch and content creators to make more money.

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If commitment scares you, then Amazon Prime Video can be enjoyed for a monthly fee of £7.99, granting you access to thousands of movies and TV shows with the freedom of cancelling if you make it through them all.

Of course, you can always sign-up for Twitch Turbo to gain ad-free viewing. According to Twitch, it has offered Twitch Prime members more than $1,000 worth of free games and in-game loot for games like "Fortnite", "PUBG" and "Hearthstone".

The Amazon Prime discount on new game preorders is also being changed, from 20 percent off the purchase price to a flat $10 Amazon credit. 'As we have continued to add value to Twitch Prime, we have also re-evaluated some of the existing Twitch Prime benefits, ' the company warned users in a blog post late yesterday. To qualify for the $10 credit, the game will have to be sold by or Amazon Digital Services LLC (for digital downloads).

Given that we're all gamers around here and that it's a high chance that you have an Amazon Prime membership, it's likely that you're affected.