The OnePlus 6T will be officially supported by T-Mobile this fall

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If all goes according to plan, it appears OnePlus could finally have a phone that any customer walking through a T-Mobile store could just chance upon.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the so-called "Uncarrier" T-Mobile US is the partner OnePlus has come to an agreement with, and the magenta-coloured network provider will sell the OnePlus 6T when it launches a little later this year.

OnePlus was earlier sold in the US through its online website, however, after joining with T-Mobile which is a major USA carrier, it would actually translate into increased volume sales as said by Avi Greengart of Global Data. The smartphone will be launched as a standard global version that would compatibly work with T-Mobile, AT&T, and in fact all networks overseas except Sprints and Verizon. Partnering with a carrier will likely help OnePlus boost its brand awareness in the U.S. where it is still not a household name.

Ever since OnePlus started selling phones to folks in the United States, it has always offered unlocked phones direct to consumers who want near-flagship specs without having to fork over a lot of cash compared to the top-tier competition. If this approval takes some time, the launch of the phone might suffer some delay.

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The Chinese smartphone maker is a well known name in Asia, but isn't very big in the U.S. It recently became the number one premium smartphone seller in India, overtaking Samsung and Apple.

Despite this, OnePlus has an incredibly dedicated fanbase that lines up around city blocks around the world to buy the new model, much like iPhone fans line up to buy the new model.

The OnePlus 6T is not official, but it seems like a foregone conclusion. And as for the device itself, the rumor mill has been pretty hush on the 6T thus far, though we were already quite certain it was arriving ahead of the holiday season anyway. This could possibly stop the launch, but since OnePlus is a small firm it might fly under the radar. This means the phone will support the telecom operator's 600 megahertz band which is said to be faster.