Total Eclipse of the Moon on 27 July 2018

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New Zealanders are about to witness a rare celestial event - a selenelion.

A lunar eclipse is when the sunlight's path to the moon is blocked by the Earth, with the moon falling in the Earth's shadow.

It has astronomers across the nation excited.

Stardome Observatory astronomy educator Josh Kirkley said New Zealanders wanting to see the blood moon should get a clear view of the western horizon and keep their eyes peeled from 6.25am until the moon sets at 7.20am.

Here's all you need to know about the chandra grahan. The website will be livestreaming the eclipse beginning at 2 p.m. EDT Friday.

A total lunar eclipse happens when the moon, Sun and Earth line up, with the moon in Earth's shadow.

Ale said that not all full moon has eclipse because the moon orbits in a slightly different plane than the Earth and the Sun, pointing out that when the planes coincide and the Earth passes in between the Moon and the Sun, it cut off the sun rays from reaching the moon directly and thereby causing an eclipse.

In the United Kingdom, the total phase of the eclipse will end at 22.13pm and the eclipse will end completely at 12.30am on Saturday.

It noted that there would be total lunar eclipse on July 27, 2018 and January 21, 2019; partial lunar eclipse on July 16/17, 2019; transit mercury eclipse on November 21, 2019; and penumbral lunar eclipse January 10, 2020.

The next total lunar eclipse will take place on Jan 21, 2019, but it won't be visible from Singapore as it will happen during daytime.

A significant celestial event will be visible in Kilkenny tomorrow night as the moon is totally eclipsed by the Earth for 103 minutes, turning it a deep shade of red.

St Helens Star

Solar eclipses are a rarer sight in NZ.

Avoid eating cooked food - The popular belief is that during the eclipse, the food that you consume would not get digested properly - leaving you feeling bloated and lethargic.

While lunar eclipses are treated with curiosity and wonder today, it wasn't always so.

About half an hour later, Mars will rise in the same place, sparkling brighter than usual because, in an astronomical coincidence, it is closer to us than at any time during the past 15 years. Steel says the next one for NZ is due in 2028.

Mr Ubachukwu observed that a lunar eclipse could occur only on the night of a full moon.

"First, if we consider Saturn and Jupiter - Saturn goes around the sun every 30 years, while Jupiter goes around it every 12 years, so for a large chunk of time they're on opposite sides of the sky, and never seen at the same time". But fret not, as in this technology-driven world, watching the night skies is no problem even if your view of the eclipse is not as clear as you would want it to be.

According to MetService, the Dunedin and Clutha areas will be ideal for watching the selenelion on Saturday morning.

Those in the north-east will have the best view of the event - however cloud cover could spoil the view for some.

Those up the top of the country won't be able to see it.

North America will nearly completely miss out on the blood moon.

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