Activists find the flawless way to shame Trump supporters at Montana rally

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A local NBC affiliate reports that about 200 people gathered outside the rally in Great Falls. Jon Tester a shot at re-election.

The discomfort of red state Democrats torn between their own political interests and those of the national party has been multiplied by the sudden detonation of a Supreme Court battle in the middle of a midterm election campaign - and Trump is not wasting his golden chance.

"John Tester showed his true colors with his shameful, dishonest attacks on a great man, a friend of mine", he added, referring to Jackson. He also mocked former Vice President Joe Biden, California Rep. Maxine Waters, and repeatedly referred to Democratic Massachusetts Sen.

"He's going to be your next senator", Trump predicted as he called Rosendale to the podium.

Trumps eldest son, Donald Trump Jr., received deafening applause as he opened his fathers rally, quickly going on the attack against Tester and welcoming Montana Republicans Sen.

"Do we have an incredible president or what?" Not a blemish, ' Trump said. Mr. Trump called Jackson a "beautiful person" who did not really want to be VA secretary but accepted the nomination out of a sense of duty. Jon Tester, who as the top Democrat on the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee brought forth a series of allegations against Jackson, who interacted frequently with Trump as White House doctor.

"Trust me, we'll do just fine", he said.

"How vicious is the world of politics. I believe him", Trump said.

Trump also went after a potential 2020 rival, Sen. Elizabeth Warren of MA as "Pocahontas" to ridicule her claims of Native American ancestry. Mr. Trump said Kennedy had made a decision to leave the High Court because he knew the president would pick a stellar replacement. Pocahontas, I apologize to you.

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'I say doc you'll be great go ahead and do it. Sir: whatever your order I will do, ' Trump said Jackson responded, attesting to his character. To the fake Pocahontas, I won't apologize'.

"Let's say I am debating Pocahontas", Trump surmised. But he also said the attacks were working, and said he would buy her a genetics testing kit should he ever face her in a presidential debate.

Things have calmed down a little bit although a few minutes ago, as people who weren't able to get into the rally were leaving, there were a couple of heated words exchanged between some of the protestors and some of the Trump supporters. "We have to do it gently". Elizabeth Warren's (D-MA) heritage and mocked the Me Too Movement. "We will take that little kit, and say, but we have to do it gently because we're in the #MeToo generation, so we have to do it very gently", Trump said. "Even though it only weighs probably two ounces".

"Maybe you should focus on fixing the lives you're destroying", she tweeted.

Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren of MA.

Appearing in a state he dominated in 2016, Trump cast Tester as a "liberal Democrat", railing against his voting record on issues like abortion, immigration and taxes. "You deserve a senator who actually votes like he's from Montana", Trump said.

Trump then shifted to the topic of his Supreme Court nominee.

President Trump has praised Vladimir Putin during a free wheeling rally in Montana at which he vowed to make North Atlantic Treaty Organisation allies pay more for defence, made a series of personal attacks against U.S. opponents and appeared to mock the #MeToo women's movement. "You wouldn't think it would play very well out here".