ACLU: Under half of child reunions will meet Tuesday deadline

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Sabraw gave the government until July 10 to reunite children under age 5 with their parents, and until July 26 to put all of the families back together.

"The results of that work have been highly encouraging, and the Department of Justice is eager to present its progress to the court on Monday and to chart a path forward to safely reunifying other families expeditiously", the official added. It would, however, be considered by many a constitutional crisis, and those families suing the government would appear to have quite an interesting case.

Only after the government provided such a list, Sabraw said, "can we have an intelligent conversation Monday morning about which child can be reunited by July 10, which will not - and then the court can determine whether it makes sense to relax the deadline".

Under the approach, parents and other caregivers apprehended after crossing the border were arrested and jailed, and the government placed their children with HHS. "To my knowledge we do not have any information".

Sabraw's order in the class-action lawsuit filed by the American Civil Liberties Union applies to all families who have been separated and includes a halt to any future separations.

Gelernt responded dryly that while the government has made "significant steps" since the judge's national injunction, he does not believe it is in "full compliance".

At least 54 children are expected to rejoin their parents on Tuesday, the original deadline imposed for reunifying families with kids under age 5, government attorney Sarah Fabian said.

About 46 parents are in immigration custody, 19 were deported and 19 were released.

Officials were trying to match the remaining parents with their children, said Jonathan White, a top federal official working on the reunification effort.

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Sabraw had ordered the government to provide a list of the separated children's names to the ACLU over the weekend.

On June 20, the Department of Health and Human Services said there were 2,053 children from separated families in its care.

The Trump administration has been scrambling to streamline the process of reuniting migrant children and their families, as the human toll of President Donald Trump's immigration policy becomes apparent and the political pressure grows to quickly address it.

Sabraw has also ordered the government to reunite almost 3,000 children five and older with their parents by July 26.

ICE has so far flown 23 parents on commercial airlines to detention facilities closer to where their children are being housed to facilitate reunions.

"Not only are Plaintiffs being forcibly separated from their children without any legitimate reason, they are unable to communicate with their children on a sufficiently frequent basis", reads the report submitted to the court Thursday.

At the hearing Friday afternoon, Fabian argued the Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act sets out requirements officials have to follow when they release children into someone's custody.

Two such background checks have already found parents with charges of kidnapping/rape and child cruelty, according to the government.