Evangeline Lilly loves playing strong women as she's a 'control freak'

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"It's finally time to see her suit up and be the hero that she said earlier she wanted to be".

"Like, I run my household, I run my husband, I run my children, I run my businesses". But they'll likely play second fiddle to the original Avengers as they gear up for one last big battle in Avengers 4. Unless Marvel tailors each superhero suit to one person to compare them all, we'll never know which are truly the most and least comfortable. Nobody would really do that. This is an Ant-Man movie so in addition to that tension, there's humor, thanks in large part to Michael Peña's Luis as well as some wonderful comedy set pieces.

"I think my suit is killer", she said. "Why do I have to go through this?'" she added. And the aftermath of that is where we pick things up with Lang in "Ant-Man and the Wasp".

The red carpet featured several props from the movie, such as the quantum vehicle, the auto created by Hank Pym (Michael Douglas) to shrink into different dimensions, as well as over-sized everyday objects, such as a Dell laptop, to give those in attendance the feeling of what it would be like to be shrunk down to the two titular heroes' size. The theme this time is more "normal" superhero battles and vehicle chases "jazzed up" by size-change gimmicks with people, cars, buildings and other objects and a plot device of Scott's suit malfunctioning at random inopportune times.

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ComingSoon: Ant-Man and the Wasp felt like it had its own story concurrent to the action of Infinity War without being directly tied to the events of it. "I just got my pages and even my pages had a fake ending and multiple fake things in it".

One problem she faced, however, had to do with her eating habits. Previously, Scarlett Johansson - known for her role as Black Widow - has said in several interviews that her suit combined with a warm, desert climate during filming led to excessive sweating and skin conditions. And I am in a tight suit where I can barely breathe, let alone eat. I'm uncomfortable all day.

"The Wasp costume that you saw at the end of the first film was an old prototype from the 1980s; so people have been chattering online saying 'wait a minute, the costume you seen Evangeline wearing looks totally different, '" Lilly explained.

Lilly's interviewer, Dave Morales, brought up how her co-star Paul Rudd, on the other hand, had complained about needing a back scratcher. Afflicted by a quantum-related disaster as a child, she experiences the pain of constant molecular reattribution throughout her body, and therefore hopes to steal Pym's technology as a cure.