Richie Incognito In Gym Altercation, Cops Called

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Former Buffalo Bill Richie Incognito has been taken in for a mental health evaluation in Florida.

Police were called to investigate a disturbance at a fitness center in Florida involving Incognito, which resulted in the 34-year old lineman being held for the evaluation under the provisions of Florida's mental health laws.

Incognito was out of football for 18 months before the Bills provided him a second chance by signing him to a one-year contract. The NFL suspended Incognito for the final half of the season and he was eventually released by Miami before being reinstated by the league the following offseason.

"He attacked me. He's not well", the person who called 911 said.

He sent the same message in a text to The Associated Press later in the day. He spoke about his various struggles with anger management and depression in a 2013 interview with Jeff Darlington of after the Jonathan Martin bullying scandal. "I don't know the whole story, but wish him the best and hope he gets everything figured out".

Mark said he told Incognito, "Dude, I don't know what's your problem" and tried to get away from him.

Brown wrote that when he and Rosenthal arrived at the gym, a staff member handed them Incognito's concealed weapons permit and told them he had thrown objects at the staff. When officers explained their concerns that Incognito could be a danger to others, he "suddenly stood and asked a woman in the swimming pool to call the Federal Bureau of Investigation".

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Brown said that when he approached Incognito, he said he was under contract for the National Security Agency, a top USA spy agency, and that another patron was wearing headphones nearby.

When officers approached him, Incognito told them he was "running NSA class level 3 documents through my phone" and didn't have to explain himself to officers because they didn't have enough clearance, according to the incident report. Incognito told the officers he was taking a dietary supplement and denied throwing objects at people.

Brown said that when he told Incognito he was anxious he was going to hurt himself or others, Incognito yelled at a woman in the pool to call the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

We'll see what Incognito decides to do, but on paper, it certainly makes sense for both sides.

Incognito was not arrested and he hasn't been charged with any crimes. But the Bills released him from their reserved/retired list Monday, leaving open the possibility he could sign with another team.

He has been on a downward spiral for much of this offseason.