Google I/O : Don't miss the impressive new features arriving to Google Assistant

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At its I/O 2018 event, . Google has added a number of new features like navigation gestures, a new dashboard and more.

Google announced a new Gmail feature called Smart Compose that will use artificial intelligence to help users write emails. Next, tap on the menu icon in the top left corner of the display, locate the Google Assistant subheading, and then select More settings. Owners of Google's own Pixel phones will get the updates most quickly.

It will be interesting to see where Google Duplex goes from here.

Asserting that it wasn't a staged demo and a real demonstration of the powers of Google Duplex, Pichar wowed the crowd with what has to be one of the most impressive technological feats in modern memory.

Google kicked off the conference by revealing that it would be rebranding its Google Research division to Google AI, highlighting how the firm's research and development work has become increasingly focused on AI-powered technologies such as machine learning, neural networks and other. It's slightly different from the Android In-Car Concept that it showed off past year at Google I/O, with the main difference here being that it has the Google Play Store.

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Listening to Google Assistant in same voices can be boring at times. Google also added a "Time Left" field if there is a parking space; this will let you set "time left" that will count down the time remaining. Additionally, Google Assistant will support multiple commands uttered in a single sentence, and you will be able to converse with the assistant without having to say "OK Google" every time.

"It's made us even more reflective of our responsibilities", Pichai said at the annual Google I/O developers conference in California. Android phones constitute round about 85 percent of the world's phones according to IDC which means Google's adjustment to its operating system signal a move in what we will observe in smart phone software and design for phones towards the resolution of 2018 and into 2019.

Android P will learn your schedule to ensure apps like Instagram aren't running in the background in the afternoon while you're at work, for example.

Google said it had improved the natural sound of the Assistant's voice, and will roll out six new voices later this year - including one provided by singer John Legend.

Samsung is getting snubbed on some of these new features, at least for now. On the Home page, you would see how much time did you have spend on the apps. There is the Google Play Store here, so you can instantly download apps onto the vehicle and get started. According to the Google blog post, the new feature is only trained in streamlined conversation topics and can't carry out spontaneous and general conversation. The new version of Android is quite different from its predecessors and has been dubbed to be the most ambitious update ever.