Marjory Stoneman Douglas teacher left loaded gun in public restroom

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A Wednesday afternoon hearing will determine whether Cruz can afford to hire his own attorneys to defend him.

Cruz is believed to have hundreds of thousands of dollars in inheritance money. Cruz faces lawsuits and there are claims against his late mother's estate, which complicates the matter of his indigence. "We're making it clear", Finkelstein said.

"We should definitely launch a campaign to persuade the governor, for those districts who do not want to arm their employees, that they give us the money to keep kids safe", said board member Robin Bartleman. It's also not clear how frequently the annuity pays, lawyers said.

Court documents showed Cruz has $700 in cash, about $353 in the bank and a little over $2,000 in stocks.

His account now at the Broward County Jail sits at $669.18.

The Broward County Public Defender's office urged Circuit Judge Elizabeth Scherer to continue classifying Cruz as indigent despite evidence he could have access to $30,000 or more.

A lawyer for Cruz - who killed 17 people with a semi-automatic weapon at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School - said that any wealth his client receives would go to survivors of the gunman's rampage.

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He stands accused of 17 counts of premeditated murder and 17 counts of attempted murder. "Mr. Cruz is, in fact, potentially a beneficiary of those funds".

Cruz's defense team has said there is no question he did it, and he's willing to plead guilty to avoid the death penalty.

On Wednesday, Cruz's attorneys offered to surrender any money he would inherit to the victims. She said he appears to be due $25,000 from a life insurance policy with Allstate and that up until two years ago he received an annuity of $3,333 that he shared with his mother. It will be arduous.

One additional complication is that Cruz is facing lawsuits from the victims' families, that, if successful, would be likely to take the majority, if not all, of his remaining assets.

Finkelstein reiterated this during Wednesday's hearing, to the prosecution's frustration.

Simovitch, who was retained by Nikolas Cruz as the probate attorney for the estate of his mother, is asking the court to appoint an independent personal representative.

Last month, his defense attorney told a judge the teen was standing mute to the charges - meaning he was declining to enter a plea.