KY Governor claims "child was sexually assaulted" because of teacher protests

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Kentucky Education Association President Stephanie Winkler told The Louisville Courier-Journal that he was "appalled" by Bevin's remarks. "I am adamant about giving my students a fair chance to be a working member of society when they grow up".

More than 30 school districts closed across the state as teachers left their classrooms to travel to the Capitol and urge lawmakers to override the vetoes.

Bevin made the comments when approached by reporters outside the state Capitol just before 7:30 p.m. Friday.

"I guarantee you somewhere in Kentucky today a child was sexually assaulted that was left at home because there was nobody there to watch them", the governor told a group of reporters outside the Capitoll.

"You know how many hundreds of thousands of children today were left home alone?"

Bevin said he is "offended" by the striking teachers who "cavalierly" and "flippantly disregarded what's best for children".

The Kentucky Senate has voted to override Gov. Matt Bevin's veto of House Bill 362, which would let local governments phase-in pension increases. Well I'm not sure that the new teachers can accept that now.

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A day after the GOP-led legislature voted to override Gov. Matt Bevin's vetoes of the main budget bill and a tax measure, lawmakers quickly took up another veto.

The governor tweeted his disapproval. The people of Kentucky deserve nothing less. Bevin vetoed that provision, saying it makes good politics but not much financial sense. I have met with House and Senate leaders all week to propose more responsible ways to pay for 100% of the requested education funding.

Teachers in other states also have been pushing for better pay and conditions, inspired in part by a successful strike last month in West Virginia.

Teachers unions slammed the comments as incredibly offensive. Priest claimed the teachers had secured a "victory" with $479 million in additional school funding.

Pension is often the only income source after leaving the school system; according to the Herald-Leader, retired teachers in Kentucky can not collect Social Security. "You know all that has occurred, has happened through the years with legislators. They've done nothing to improve that process", said Carpenter. "Well, that's a coward", said Republican Rep. Regina Huff, a middle school special education teacher.

"We are going to clean house". He also said it would not raise enough cash to pay for the shelling out. "We acknowledge neither bill gives the citizens of the Commonwealth everything that our students, their parents and our communities need. We don't know the funding sources". The bill raises revenue for the state over the next two years. Presently, educators need to work for only 27 years before receiving a deferred-benefits pension, while teachers hired after the end of 2018 will need to work until age 65 or until their years of service combined with their age exceed 87 (i.e. a teacher who begins work at 22 could retire at 55, assuming he/she faces no gaps in employment during those 33 years of work).

"Who is he suggesting would harm kids in this way if they were home or not in school?" The group started by encouraging teachers to wear red to school on Wednesdays, using the hashtag #RedforED in social media posts.