Fortnite could get more than 100 players per match says Epic Games

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Just when you thought Fortnite was getting a bit easier, Epic Games made a decision to throw you a curve ball.

One of the things we've been talking about is, 'does it make sense to ever consider more than a hundred players?' I think there's a lot of technological considerations for something like that.

You've got a who's who of great weapons to choose from in Fortnite, and chances are you can shop for a good amount of them in the nearby Vending Machine that recently popped up in the game. That, along with the other weapons that you'll have on hand, should make for some interesting battles for that glorious Victory Royale! Earlier today it was officially revealed that the light machine gun is making its way into the Battle Royale game mode.

Developers do say that the game won't immediately increase the player cap, but may slowly start off by introducing a game mode with more players.

Once all seven Fortnite Week 9 challenges have been completed, and the rewards have been received, it'll be time to wait for next week's reset, where the Fortnite Week 10 challenges will be waiting for you!

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But way back on the PlayStation 3, Sony's MAG had 256 players per match and some PC games have had even more than that.

If player count does happen to increase in the future, we could be looking at some more hilarious gameplay [VIDEO] in "Fortnite". As players know, completing Battle Pass Challenges allows gamers to move up the tiers and earn new gear.

Not only are Epic Games considering increasing the player count in the future, they are also trying to mesh the two modes in the game together.

In the same interview, Williamson discussed the integration of the PvP Battle Royale game mode with Save the World and how it could be improved.

Each class has different collision "volumes" on the different characters.