Public Pension Bill Emerges from Rowdy Committee Meeting

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House Bill 2756 represents a kind of challenge to a 1992 U.S. Supreme Court ruling that said states can only tax so-called "remote" sales if the retailer has a physical presence or "nexus" in the state.

"I've been clear, I don't think we ought to be arming teachers", the governor said when asked about the "marshal" provision in the bill, which would not arm teachers per se, but would allow other school personnel to be trained and armed.

The bill allows school leaders the option to seek proper emergency response training through an approved course by the Department of Public Safety. The Senate voted to amend the proposal on the grounds that it was unconstitutional because the bill covered more than the topic included in its title.

A music composition and theory teacher at Lafayette Jefferson High School said he has mixed feelings on the bill. "It's important to every citizen of the commonwealth". She sat on the front row of the audience as the Senate committee voted out the pension bill, joining in jeers and calling on lawmakers to first find funding for the troubled systems before cutting benefits. Since few expect any House Democrats to vote for the bill, only 14 Republicans would have to vote no to kill it in the House. "Indeed it is, and Senate Bill 1 ensures that promise will be there when stakeholders need it and are counting on it".

"At some point in time, we really do have to remember what Gideon said", Justice told the audience. "In fact I had some of them here when we talked about the earlier process they were very comfortable with what we were talking about back in august and September", said Senate President Robert Stivers, a Republican.

"I am done listening to the House tell me how great they are".

State Rep. Russell Ott, D-Calhoun, noted SCE&G still makes a profit from its monthly charges to customers for the project. They would also have the right to an administrative hearing before being fired. "We've got to do it the right way".

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On March 6, the West Virginia state Senate Judiciary Committee voted unanimously to pass House Bill 4187.

On Wednesday morning, House Speaker Jay Lucas held a press conference with House members to explain their concerns with the Senate's lack of action.

McGarvey said he is also concerned legislators would be asked again in the future to support another plan to address the pension systems.

The Medicaid expansion program has operated under waivers granted by the federal government under the federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. "What we want, what we demand is that the Senate simply do something".

"It took longer than people would like, but I feel good about this product", said Sen.

Those comments won't carry much weight in the Senate, Massey said. While he's not terminally ill, he says its important for people who are suffering to hear words of hope. "God bless them. But I'm still going to save the pension whether they like it or not".