Navigate Google Maps as Super Mario in A New Update

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In addition to the Google Mario Kart Easter Egg, yoiu can get 50% off Super Mario Run for the weekend to honour the annual event. When you see that, choose "Let's-A Go!" and that pretty much it. Mario will now replace the navigation arrow and be your new copilot. It's perfectly simple: someone way back in the dusty ruins of time realized that "Mar 10" looks a little bit like "Mario" on paper, and thus that kinda made it Mario's unofficial birthday. Once this is done, you'll get a prompt to enable "Mario Time". (The abbreviated version of March 10 spells out as Mario, or MAR10.) For one week starting Saturday, Mario and his Go-Kart will replace the ubiquitous auto that appears on Google Maps as you take to the road.

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Once you see the route, there will be a yellow (or gray in my case) coin box and if you tap that, you'll get a notification saying "Oh yeah!" It can be downloaded now for free on the App Store. Google encourages all users to practice safe driving while out on the road. Make sure not to post any personal details like where you live or work. At the end of 2017, Google even took Google Maps out into the solar system, allowing users to explore planets and moons from the comfort of their own computers. They hum the Super Mario Bros. background music on repeat, daydream about collecting gold coins and 1-UP mushrooms, and want nothing more than to traverse the Mushroom Kingdom with Luigi, Toad, and Yoshi to rescue Princess Peach from Bowser. It's something to consider.