Man who claimed he cremated Natalee Holloway killed while attempting kidnapping

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Josh Taylor, a spokesman with the North Port police department, told WFTS that he could not say if there was a connection between Wednesday's attempted kidnapping and the Holloway case.

Police reported he pushed her from the driver's side of the vehicle to the passenger side. It also caused her unnecessary suffering, she said.

As a struggle ensued, cops say the woman was able to wrestle a knife from Ludwick, who was stabbed in the abdomen.

On Wednesday morning, a woman stepped out of her auto and was suddenly approached by her former roommate, 32-year-old John Ludwick. She said she swung her right hand, which was holding the knife, backward in a downward motion in an attempt to escape. She went missing in Aruba back in 2005.

Cops later found a bleeding Ludwick away from the scene, airlifting him to the hospital where he died that morning.

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An eyewitness who was walking her dog on Coco Solo Avenue and up Wesley Lane at the time of the incident, said in an interview that she heard a girl scream while on Coco Solo. What she saw next made her stop dead in her tracks. He ran, but officers found him in a wooded area. Ludwick appeared on "The Nancy Grace Show", and other network programs, when Van der Sloot was arrested in Peru for beating a woman to death in 2010 - five years to the day after Holloway's disappearance. The suspect is John Ludwick, who once defended Natalee Holloway's suspected killer and then posted a unusual video on YouTube.

Gabriel Madrigal was Ludwick's friend. The two were reportedly roommates at one point and Ludwick wanted a romantic relationship with her, but the woman declined his proposal. "It's still a murder, no matter what". He claimed to know where her body was and recently helped turn up bones, but they did not prove to belong to Holloway. "I don't believe that at all", said Alycia Hatfield. "It wouldn't have happened if she didn't react by slapping him around calling him a murderer".

According to police, Ludwick was a former boyfriend of the woman who they said, he allegedly tried to kidnap.

This report includes information from Herald-Tribune archives.