Kosovo MPs lob teargas to prevent vote on border with Montenegro

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The 120-seat parliament was expected to ratify the 2015 deal, which was set as a precondition by the European Union for Kosovo's citizens to freely travel within its visa-free travel zone known as Schengen.

When the three cannisters were released, some politicians seemed pretty unfazed by the whole situation and calmly evacuated the room, however there were others who seemed clearly affected by the chemicals.

More than 100 members rushed out as the tear gas poured through parliament.

Parliament speaker Kadri Veseli said the session will continue when the situation in chamber returns to normal, according to a live video stream from the parliament.

Nataliya Apostolova, EU ambassador to Kosovo, said she was appalled and shocked that members of parliament would resort to "dangerous tactics", AP said.

"Call on all MPs and all parties to go back to Assembly to defeat such unacceptable practices that go against democratic society and the future of the Kosovo people".

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Violence as a political tool has no place in #Kosovo. This should not be happening in a European country. (EPA/Valdrin Xhemaj) Tear gas rises from a canister released by Kosovo opposition lawmakers.

The session on ratification of the deal started March 20, when Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj urged MPs to vote, saying that a vote for the demarcation deal "is a vote for the state of Kosovo, for the country's Euro-Atlantic perspective and for freedom of movement". Some experts said the border vote has given the party a chance to reassert its relevance. I encourage them to vote yes for progress for #Kosovo.

Kosovo declared independence in 2008, almost a decade after North Atlantic Treaty Organisation air strikes drove out Serbian security forces accused of killing and expelling ethnic Albanian civilians during a counter-insurgency war.

Serbia however does not recognise the move.

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