Fifth package bomb strikes Texas, at FedEx facility near San Antonio

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Workers at the depot said they were evacuated, hours after a female FedEx worker was injured when a package filled with nails and metal shrapnel exploded in San Antonio shortly after midnight. Reports of a sixth, unexploded package were incorrect, police said on Tuesday afternoon. Sunset Valley police told KVUE's Jenni Lee that it is believed that this package originated at a FedEx facility southwest of Austin on Brodie Lane.

It would mark the sixth explosion in the Austin area since March 2.

"If this bomber is being motivated, in part, by the sense of power and control that he has holding the city of Austin in a state of fear, and depending how addictive that feeling is", she said, "that can be a strong contributor to his doing it again and not waiting a long period of time".

On Sunday, March 18, an explosion happened in Travis Country; two people were injured and taken to the hospital with serious but non-life threatening injuries.

The facility is just northeast of San Antonio and officials are investigating to see if this latest incident is connected to the four recent explosions in Austin.

An earlier version of this story said that San Antonio Police Chief McManus reported that there was a second suspicious package at the Schertz facility.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton says the parcel bomb that exploded in the distribution center in Schertz was mailed from Austin and addressed to an Austin home. Authorities believe it is linked to what they say is a serial bomber responsible for the four Austin bombings since March 2.

In a midday update on the situation at McKinney Falls, Austin Senior Police Officer Destiny Winston said police officers had confirmed a suspicious package there, and that the bomb squad was investigating, along with federal agencies.

Investigators believe the Austin bombings are related, Manley said, "because of some of the specific components of these devices".

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A company spokeswoman refused to say if that second package might have been linked to the one reported near the airport.

How the fourth and fifth bombings complicated the investigation.

A spokesman for the Austin Police Department confirmed to the Daily News that authorities are aware of the unsettling posts.

Two people are dead and four injured, and authorities don't appear closer to making any arrests in the four bombings that have rocked the capital city.

Austin police have offered a $100,000 (£71,340) reward for information, and Texas Governor Greg Abbott has offered an additional $15,000.

In Austin, authorities have been combing for clues to the four explosions there - the first three of which involved cardboard packages that were left in front yards or porches and weren't delivered the US Postal Service or services such as UPS or FedEx, police say.

Austin, with a population of almost 1 million people, is home to the University of Texas and a plethora of technology companies and has been one of the fastest growing major USA cities.

Many minority residents in Austin have been on edge since the bombings started, as the first three bombings killed or wounded minorities who received packages at their doors.

"We've been through hard times before", Mayor Steve Adler said stoically this morning.