'Black Panther' Becomes Highest-Grossing Superhero Movie of All Time in US

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It's pretty remarkable what Black Panther has done in such a short amount of time. It's also now the No. 12 highest-grossing pic in history. The film needed only 26 days to make $1 billion. The movie also recently overtook Star Wars: The Last Jedi's domestic total of $619 million. Black Panther is at 1.18 billion dollars.

Black Panther is now the top-grossing superhero movie of all time in the US. That's more than Iron Man 3's $1.21 billion.

Both "Avengers" releases have performed mightily overseas, where they have drawn well more than half of their audience - which bodes very well for "Avengers: Infinity War", due out April 27 and in which Black Panther/T'Challa is again featured.

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The must-see movie has now passed movie franchise The Avengers to earn the top spot. The film's box office success has been due mostly to its domestic performance. It snuck past The Avengers, which ended its theatrical run in 2012 at $623 million, back when Black Panther was barely a twinkle in its strategically marketed eye. Both films earned a whopping 97% fresh rating.

The superhero film from Walt Disney Co.'s DIS, Marvel Studios topped the domestic box office for a fifth straight week, becoming the first movie to do so since "Avatar" in 2009. It's a celebration of T'Challa's African heritage, something that has no doubt had an impact on people of colour across the world and helped de-marginalise millions of individuals.

The consensus of Tomatometer reads, "Black Panther elevates superhero cinema to thrilling new heights while telling one of the MCU's most absorbing stories - and introducing some of its most fully realized characters".