3 tons of gold spill on Russian runway

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On Thursday, a Russian transport plane carrying tons of gold and silver blocks worth millions of dollars lost a third of its cargo as it was taking off from Yakutsk Airport in eastern Siberia. Officials say the plane was carrying 9.3 tons of gold and other precious metals. Images circulating on social media showed gold bars scattered across a runway. The offending hatch then detached from the plane and fell on a local auto market.

A police spokesperson said that there were five crewmembers on board the plane and none of them were hurt in the incident.

Technical engineers at the Yakutsk airport who prepared the plane for take-off have been detained as before take-off, the technicians cleared it and the plane was good to fly from their side without a hitch.

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The cargo was reported to be owned by Chukota Mining and Geological Company. At least 3.4 tons of doré bars - semi-pure alloys of silver and gold - came tumbling out, according to the Tass news agency. According to the statement, the plane successfully landed at Magan Airport in the village of Magan, a few kilometers at the west of Yakutsk. A map containing detailed directions to the treasure site was circulated online.

"I wish I were in Yakutsk", one person wrote wistfully, while another joked that Yakutia is such a rich region that "gold just pours from the sky". However, a law enforcement source told TASS that all the bars have been collected.