Why Apple's battery replacement program might impact iPhone sales

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Apple confirmed in December that software in its iPhone 6, 6s and SE models, which deals with dangers from ageing batteries, could slow down the phone's performance.

Hogan also doubled down on Apple's stance that it would never slow down iPhones to pressure users to upgrade to a newer model, which is known as planned obsolescence.

"iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X models include hardware updates that allow a more advanced performance management system that more precisely allows iOS to anticipate and avoid an unexpected shutdown", wrote Apple in a letter to Senator John Thune, who inquired about newer iPhone models.

Now, you could just throw $29 at Apple and hope that this will speed up your old iPhone, giving it a reprieve. The most notable of the features in this beta is battery monitoring. Sharp that supplied parts for the iPhone X reportedly failed to renew the deal.

Earlier this week, Apple developers received the iOS 11.3 beta 2 software which included the battery health featuers.

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The feature is contained within a new "Battery Health" menu, which is under the "Battery" tab on iOS 11.3: maximum capacity shows what percentage of the original charge your battery can still hold; and peak performance capacity, which tells you if your phone's performance is being throttled due to the battery.

Did you pay full price for a replacement iPhone battery? However, the only benefit I'd get from a battery replacement right now is increased lifespan since the device isn't being throttled.

The reports says that Face ID is coming to the LCD iPhone as well as the flagship OLED ones, and that Apple is diversifying suppliers for the 3D face recognition modules needed for the feature ... This new update is interested to check because you can utilize battery health feature here.

"Additionally, users can see if the performance management feature that dynamically manages maximum performance to prevent unexpected shutdowns is on and can choose to turn it off".

If the battery is worn you will be offered the ability to disable performance throttling, as well as get information on how to get the battery replaced.