Spanish police stops vehicle with four tonnes of stolen oranges

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As a convoy of vehicles - a Suzuki sedan, a small estate auto and a van - was attempting to flee with the citrusy loot, it came across a police auto on routine patrol and abruptly changed direction, according to local media reports.

The group, travelling in two cars, caught the attention of police when their cars were driving close together.

Police in Spain uncovered a freaky situation when they spotted two cars in convoy along a highway.

The five people in vehicles told police they were a family traveling from "very far away" and had been collecting oranges found on the side of the road, according to CNN.

Authorities in Spain have arrested five people for stealing oranges.

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The suspects, who were all related, are accused of orange theft, as they did not have the required paperwork to carry such huge quantities of fruit.

The alleged orange robbers - a couple, their adult son, and two brothers - were charged with theft. Another suspect claimed that they picked them up from the ground.

When police opened a door, a stream of oranges came tumbling out.

Oranges overflowed from one vehicle, while the other contained hundreds of oranges packed into bags.