Samsung Max launches as a new tool for privacy protection, data savings

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Samsung Electronics has introduced Samsung Max, a new and free Android application created to promote mobile data savings and application privacy management, with data usage monitoring and enhanced Wi-Fi security.

Similar to Opera Max, Samsung Max will help users cut back on their monthly data usage while also ensuring their online connection is as secure as can be. Among the ways that the application can help reduce user's data consumption is by compressing the images, videos, music files, and web pages that consumers access on their browsers and applications.

Alongside offering data savings and data compression features, Samsung Max provides regular reports to let you see which of your favourite apps are consuming the most of your data limit.

As the name suggests, Data Saving Mode is all about helping you use less data and potentially save money with your wireless carrier bill.

Samsung has announced Samsung Max. Moreover, the app permits the user to specify which applications can consume data and it automatically blocks all applications from using data in the background. However, these features aren't only restricted to Wi-Fi networks, but are available on mobile networks as well.

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Just like Opera Max, Samsung Max will more or less offer the same features. This makes the two features accessible to more of the Samsung users.

Unfortunately, as with many Samsung apps, Samsung Max will only work on certain Samsung Galaxy-branded devices. On other Samsung devices, the Play Store and the Galaxy Apps stores will get you the app for download. The Max app will come pre-loaded on Galaxy J and Galaxy A devices in India and other emerging markets including Argentina, Brazil, Indonesia, Mexico, Nigeria, South Africa, Thailand and Vietnam. With Samsung Max, our users in every corner of the globe now have increased autonomy and control over their data usage and privacy in an era of rising security threats, fraudulent apps and user profiling.

Have you received the new app already? " said Seounghoon Oh, Vice President, Samsung R&D Institute India.

It is worth noting here that the Samsung Max app is presently incompatible with devices other than the eligible Samsung devices.