Overwatch Developer Update Details New Ayutthaya Map, Capture the Flag & More

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The Overwatch Year of the Dog event is just around the corner and Blizzard chose to share more details.

Epic Games has thrown Overwatch players a bone regarding the game's upcoming Year of the Dog event. And Game Director Jeff Kaplan talked a bit about it during the most recent Developer Update video.

While we don't yet have any idea about new skins that will be featured when the Year of the Dog event eventually kicks off later in the year, we can show you the Overwatch character skins that made their way into the game with the 2017 version of the Chinese New Year event.

Additionally, certain mobility or invulnerability-granting abilities will cause a player to drop the flag - the example Kaplan offered was Winston's leap ability, though it's likely abilities like Genji's dash and Reaper's Wraith Form will have the same effect.

Capture the Flag is exciting, but it's a holiday event, and that means the public is just itching for those new cosmetic items. The biggest headline is a new, Thailand-based map, which Kaplan says is "absolutely gorgeous".

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As is customary now in Overwatch, the Lunar New Year Event is returning with the Year of the Dog, bringing along with it a load of new Overwatch skins. Kaplan calls these abilities "restricted abilities", and goes on to say that these changes have resulted in a game mode that is much faster and action-packed than its previous iteration. The map, which will be Thailand is said to be one of the most visually attractive and impressive produced for the game to date.

The sudden death will take the form of each team flag being periodically moved closer to the centre of the map.

The Lunar New Year, marks the start of the lunisolar calendar and is an important holiday in many Asian cultures.

Blizzard will also introduce a new four week Competitive Season for Capture the Flag. Looking forward to this new seasonal event?

It is unknown who the other heroes with legendary skins are, but the opening shot of the Developer Update video revealed that Widowmaker will also get a skin, though it is unclear if it is a legendary one. Kaplan also hinted at a "really cool" highlight intro for one of the heroes.