Microsoft's latest app moves photos from phones to PCs over WiFi

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You just have to download the Microsoft Photos Companion app on your iOS and Android device and you are good to go. And, of course, it only works on Windows 10 and only if the two communicating devices are on the same Wi-Fi network. other than that, however, there is little else that needs to be done to get your photos off your phone and into your computer. The new app, which has been in testing for some months, is aimed to make it easy for Windows 10 users to transfer their photos and videos from mobile devices to the Microsoft Photos app available on their Windows 10 desktop, notebooks, and tablets. While ARM versions are still compiled for the apps, they are either developed with new APIs which aren't supported by Windows 10 Mobile, or they aren't being optimized anymore for Mobile.

However, there is a catch: while the process is essentially instant, it isn't constant.

While the app doesn't permanently link to a Windows 10 PC, it's useful if you don't automatically back up your photos to a cloud service.

Microsoft found that students were great at telling stories through video, but they had difficulties transferring content from multiple smartphones to a single PC where media projects are created.

The new Photos Companion app is a fresh creation straight out of Redmond's skunkworks division named Microsoft Garage. As such, Garage's latest app could be prone to bugs and general instability so proceed with caution.

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At this point you'll see a QR code on your PC's screen.

Last year Microsoft staff visited classrooms in the U.S. and Europe to ask teachers to try its Windows 10 Photos app.

Again in the Photos app, click the Import option in the top right corner and click "From mobile over WiFi" option in the drop-down menu. Keep in mind that the app won't remove the photos from your phone.

Under Preview, turn on the toggle button that says "Help Microsoft test the mobile import over WiFi feature".