Google plans deeper Assistant integration with phones and wireless carriers

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Needless to say, that's a lot of improvements and updates coming to Google Assistant over the next few months.

The fact that Google has planned a big expansion for its Assistant in 2018 was first revealed last week. Lastly, the company has announced that the Assistant will be compatible with thirty more languages including Danish, Dutch, Hindi, Indonesian, Norwegian, Swedish, and more. Google is also teaming up with carriers to let them offer you answers through Assistant about your plan, get customer support, and add new services. This will allow users to fluently speak to the Assistant in multiple languages on the fly, and it'll first work with English, German, and French.

"If you prefer to speak German at work, but French at home, your Assistant is right there with you", wrote Fox. Google Assistant can do many things from controlling your smart appliances to streaming audio, setting your alarm and more. Customers will be able to use the Assistant to find out about their plan, add services, get support and more.

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Interestingly, Google has a similar program for carriers, so in the future you'll just ask the Assistant about your plan, add new services (like worldwide data roaming) through its conversational interface, and even get support from your carrier in this manner. What this means is that users will be able to have Assistant handle a handful of separate tasks with a single command. Google's Assistant Mobile OEM program helps manufacturers build deeper integrations between Assistant and mobile devices.

Google is adding location-based reminders for smart speakers and Routines, a concept first revealed past year that involves rolling several commands into a single action.

Google has partnered with Android phone makers LG, Sony, and Xiaomi initially, and it will start by making specific camera-related commands for these manufacturers. Sprint, Koodo, Telus, and Vodafone are all among the first wave of carriers to support the system. "All you have to do is ask the Assistant on your smart speaker, like Google Home - and when you get to the store, the Assistant on your phone will remind you". In addition, there will be all-new support for location-based reminders. And location-based reminders will ping your phone at the appropriate time when you tell your Google Home to do something like remind you to buy milk after work. You can read about Cortana, Alexa or Google Assistant, but, chances are, for many people that's where the fun ends.