Cardi B Replaces Alexa in Amazon's Super Bowl Commercial

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You can now ask Alexa to send SMS text messages to a contact's mobile phone, rather than just message people through the Alexa app, but there is one caveat, which we'll address in a bit.

Here we have a spot from Amazon that presents a scenario in which Alexa suddenly loses her voice.

The feature is now only available to people with Android phones which run version 5.0 and up. Each platform has its own unique set of strengths and weaknesses, but Amazon just got a nice lead over Google with support for sending SMS messages.

Today Amazon released its full Super Bowl LII commercial featuring Amazon Alexa, Jeff Bezos, Cardi B, Gordon Ramsey, Rebel Wilson, and Sir Anthony Hopkins. You'll be able to catch the ad air live during the Super Bowl on February 4, 2018, but other than that, we don't know when Alexa's new voice will go live. Here's how it works: You have to say Alexa send a message with your inputs and Amazon will automatically detect whether the receiver has an Alexa-enabled device.

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Now there is no way to send emojis in texts through Alexa.

If you do have an Alexa Show, instead of only hearing the updates, you'll also see the latest news and weather on your device. This is perhaps a preemptive strike by Amazon to make its Echo lineup much more appealing than the Cupertino brand's first attempt at smart speakers. Firstly the SMS feature needs to be toggled on.

The main aim behind the new feature is to provide users with a smart way to perform the tasks, which requires typing via the keyboard. From there, select "Contacts" then "My Profile" and enable the "Send SMS" option.