More Than 1600 Pounds of Cocaine Found Stuffed Inside Pineapples

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A Colombian drug smuggling ring has been busted by Portugese and Spain police, who have seized 745 kilograms of the drug cocaine hidden inside fresh pineapples.

Screenshot of seized pineapples (Policia Nacional, Youtube) According to the BBC, the Spanish and Portuguese authorities had been collaborating on an investigation since April 2017.

The bust was part of an investigation that spanned almost a year and led to the arrest of nine members of an worldwide drug ring, police believe.

The arrest came after an operation between the two countries. Authorities say the smugglers would pack the cocaine into a cylinder shape, cover it in yellow wax and then place it inside of a hollowed out pineapple. Apparently, the gang had the cocaine stored in Terrassa, Barcelona and transported it to Madrid laboratories every 15-20 days.

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It is believed that the disguised cocaine shipment travelled from Panama to the port of Lisbon by sea, RTE reported. Police reports indicate that two hydraulic presses, three packaging machines, and over 400,000 Euros in cash were also found during these raids.

Police also dismantled a laboratory where the drug was cut with additives. "This group had repeatedly brought large quantities..."

Euro News reported that the Iberian Peninsula is known as a major entry point for cocaine and other drugs into Europe.

Incredibly, this isn't the first time pineapples have been used to smuggle some blow across the Spanish border.