Supermoon Alert! Sunday's Full Moon Will Be 2017's Only Supermoon

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The moon will not come this close to the earth again until 2034.

The moon will be visible to see on Sunday after 5 p.m. when it begins to rise, however, it won't officially be a Supermoon until it is at its closest point to Earth, which will be at approximately 4 a.m. on Monday. "The difference in distance between these close and far points can be as much as about 30,000 miles".

The only supermoon of the year is slated for December 3, 2017, at precisely 15:47 UTC, according to This happens at the time of the month when both the sun and the moon line up with the earth between them.

It's not a guarantee that the moon will always be at its closest when it's a full moon; it was actually far closer on May 25, noted, but it was a new moon, not a full one. But that doesn't mean this weekend's supermoon won't be attractive - expect a full moon at least 7% bigger and 16% brighter than usual. The moon will still be impressive Sunday night, but clouds will be increasing which might disrupt the view.

This will mean that the on the night of the December 3 the moon will be seven per cent larger and 16 per cent brighter than usual.

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A supermoon occurs when a full or new moon coincides with the lunar orb being particularly close to earth in its cycle.

"It is said that the moon appears larger because we compare it with terrestrial objects such as trees or buildings".

A Blue Moon can be a supermoon, just like any other full moon.

The best times to see it, experts say, are right after sundown and just before sunrise the next day. Even more so if it's a supermoon. After that, there will be supermoons on January 2 and January 31, 2018.

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