CNN Corrects False Report On Donald Trump Jr.'s Emails With Wikileaks

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CNN's error is the second major flop by a major news network in a week.

"Fake News CNN made a vicious and purposeful mistake yesterday", Trump tweeted.

CNN's admitted error was made in a Friday morning story written by Manu Raju and Jeremy Herb that said then-candidate Trump and his son received, via email on September 4, 2016, a web address and decryption key providing access to hacked documents from WikiLeaks.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders also calls out CNN for reporting fake news. Brian Ross should have not been taken off the Trump beat by ABC, but should have been fired outright for incompetence in his eagerness to further tarnish Michael Flynn.

In fact, the email to Mr. Trump was sent a day after the documents, stolen from the Democratic National Committee, were made available to the general public.

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The Washington Post and Wall Street Journal threw cold water on the CNN story hours after it was published and noted it got the date wrong in its reporting about when the Trump campaign received the email about Wikileaks. The email was in actuality dated September 14, one day after the WikiLeaks document dump.

CNN's updated story included a sentence reading, "The new information indicates that the communication is less significant than CNN initially reported". Also, a CNN spokesperson stated that the reporters who authored the story would not face disciplinary action because they followed the proper editorial process and were given incorrect information from multiple sources.

In a tweet Saturday, the president also criticized ABC News and reporter Brian Ross for a recent, incorrect story that Trump, as a candidate in the 2016 White House race, had illegally instructed campaign member Mike Flynn to make contact with Russian Federation, in an apparent attempt to help defeat Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

President Trump also attacked CNN for the wrongful coverage as he attended a rally in Pensacola, Florida, late Friday. Trump asked the crowd.

"CNN apologized just a little while ago". "You should have been apologizing for the last two years".