Arrest in Call of Duty-linked 'swatting' death

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The official said Barriss believed a person involved in the dispute lived at the address, but that investigators don't believe Finch was the intended target.

'We were given some misinformation on the (original) call, ' he said. "That cop murdered my son over a false report". This often times results in a large number of police officers showing up at a particular address.

While this is absolutely an illustration of the worst of the worst in toxic online behavior, Andrew Finch's death isn't simply an issue of SWATting and the callousness of some online gamers. The FBI estimates that roughly 400 cases of swatting occur annually. Sometimes they will call local non-emergency lines instead of trying to prank 9-1-1.

Yesterday, we told you about a frightful incident where police officers responded to an anonymous call reporting a fatal hostage situation in Wichita, Kansas. A man can be heard telling authorities that he had shot his father in the head, and claimed to have taken his mother and siblings hostage. He says he has cornered his mother and little brother in a closet. Livingstone continued, "A male came to the front door". When Finch came to his front door, he was shot by a cop.

He advised police that a hostage and homicide situation was taking place at what he thought was one of those players house, but it turned out to be that of a total stranger who was shot and killed when he opened the door. Authorities haven't released the name of the man who was killed Thursday, but relatives have identified him as 28-year-old Andrew Finch. And it isn't known what cause the officer to shoot him on sight. An officer, fearing the man was reaching for a gun, fired a single shot.

"He doesn't play video games", Finch said. Police said the man was not armed.

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'[The call] went to a substation first, then it was relayed to dispatch, then dispatch gave it to us.

"That was the information we were working off of", he said, explaining that officers went to the house ready for a hostage situation and they "got into position".

The gamer who has been accused of orchestrating the swatting wrote on Twitter in a now-deleted message, "I didn't get anyone killed because I didn't discharge a weapon and being a swat member isn't my profession".

On Twitter, more than a dozen people who identified themselves as being in the gaming community told The Eagle that a feud between two Call of Duty players sparked one to initiate a "swatting". Engadget also has more of SWAuTistic's tweets, which suggest that he has SWATted others and called in bomb threats before. His account was suspended overnight. The dispute escalated with one threatening the other with swatting.

But Livingston told reporters at the scene that police were called to the home after being "given some misinformation". The intended victim of the swatting gave a false address, that was close to his own, so it would appear real.

Questions remain regarding the circumstances that led up to the heavy police response and the shooting at the home near McCormick and Seneca.