5-year-old's heroic 911 call saves Christmas from Grinch

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TyLon Pittman saw a video clip of How the Grinch Stole Christmas and made a decision to call his local police department in Byram, Miss. on Saturday to report the green Dr. Seuss character's intentions. Develle grew up watching the movie "How the Grinch Stole Christmas", so when she heard about Tylon's call, she wanted to meet him.

According to the paper, the 911 dispatcher posted about the unusual call on her Facebook page when Byram Police Officer Lauren Develle saw it and asked the dispatcher for the family's address. "He called to say the Grinch is going to steal his Christmas". Taking the boy's hand in a handshake, he said: "You have saved Christmas for the people of Byram".

The police department then decided they wanted to do something special for the boy who was anxious not just about his own Christmas, but about whether other children would be able to celebrate the holiday too. TyLon called 911 to report that he did not want the Grinch to come steal his Christmas.

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"He calls people all the time", Teresa Brown-Pittman said. "So I ended up looking around and I found him".

"He steals everybody's Christmas!" the wise youngster warned.

Video posted to Facebook by TeDera Dwayne Graves II showed the interaction between his little brother and a police officer. She was cool about it - as were the actual police, who later took the boy to see the Grinch in a holding cell. After serving his time in the holding cell, Tylon made a decision to let the Grinch go. Thank you to Officer Develle and BPD for not only making my little brother's day but for showing him that being an officer isn't just about stopping crime.