Saudi Arabia Is Now At War With Iran on Four Fronts

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Nasrallah ignored the published reports that there was a plan to assassinate Hariri in Lebanon.

It was through a deal between enemies he struck with Iran-backed Hezbollah.

But the cash price of Lebanon's US dollar-denominated bonds fell, with longer-dated maturities suffering hefty losses as investors took a dim view of the medium-to longer-term outlook for Lebanon. The international organization's presence in Lebanon include the Office of the UN Special Coordinator for Lebanon (UNSCOL) who serves as the secretary-general's representative to the Lebanese Government, all political parties and the diplomatic community based in the country, and works on behalf of the UN chief to assist Lebanese parties to reach peaceful and consensus based solutions to contentious issues.

Rafik al-Hariri was killed in a 2005 Beirut bomb attack that pushed his son Saad into politics and set off years of turmoil.

The resignation risks exacerbating sectarian tensions between Sunni and Shi'ite Muslims and returning Lebanon to paralysis in government. Today they've more-or less declared war on Lebanon (because Hezbollah exists) and Iran (because Yemen shot a missile at them). "Putting together a coalition that served Hezbollah's interest in governance legitimized it".

Iran has denied the accusation.

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"We live in an atmosphere similar to the atmosphere that prevailed before the assassination of martyr Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, and I sensed what is being woven in secret to target my life", he said. Apparently Saudi Arabia is getting a lot more serious about this, and President Trump seems to be all for it.

A member of Hezbollah's central committee, Sheikh Nabil Kawouk, accused Riyadh of being behind Hariri's resignation, saying in a speech reported by Lebanon's al-Jadeed television: "God protect Lebanon from the evil of Saudi Arabia's reckless adventures". The Shiites are the largest community in Lebanon, they make up 40% of the population.

Bahrain on Sunday urged its citizens to avoid travelling to Lebanon and advised those already in the country to leave immediately for their safety.

Hariri has visited Saudi Arabia twice in the past week, meeting Crown Prince Mohammed and other senior officials.

The main significance of Nasrallah and President Aoun's remarks is that the Lebanese government is not disintegrating in light of the announcement of Hariri's resignation. Aoun must appoint the candidate with most support among MP's, who he is expected to consult in the coming days.

The United States is considering new sanctions on Hezbollah, as part of a tougher stance against Iran and its allies, that Lebanese politicians have fretted could hurt the economy.