OJ Simpson Thrown Out And Banned From Cosmopolitan Hotel In Las Vegas

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A 70-year-old man, let alone OJ mf Simpson, can only party for so long before things start to go south. Reports are coming out that last night OJ got a little too hammered and was booted from the Cosmopolitan hotel in Vegas. The Cosmopolitan made a decision to permanently ban Simpson from the Hotel.

Since his release, Simpson has been seen in numerous Vegas hotels, posing with fans. His lawyer, Malcolm LaVergne, told ABC News the Cosmopolitan issued a no trespassing notice to Simpson and he could face arrest if he returns to the hotel. When they arrived, the former football star was reportedly cooperative, and he was removed from the premises.

The Post reports that the police dispatcher who handled the initial report knew Simpson well and discussed him by name when sending units to the bar, saying "Orenthal is here" in a tape obtained by TMZ.

"All those allegations of breaking glasses, any of that stuff, he adamantly denies it, states it's categorically false", Simpson's Attorney Malcom Lavergne announced.

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Just over a month after being released from prison on parole, O.J.

Maybe it's time for the Juice to lay low for a bit and stick to hanging with the IG models.

Simpson is back in trouble in Las Vegas. Listen, I don't blame him.

The former actor was acquitted of the double-murder of his ex-girlfriend Nicole Brown and her pal Ron Goldman in 1995.