Don't Fall For This Netflix Email Scam Targeting Millions Worldwide

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If you receive an email from Netflix asking for your credit card information, do not click on the link or enter your credit card number anywhere other than in your Netflix account on the streaming service. The message tells the intended victim that their Netflix billing information has been invalidated and urges them to update their details on the website. The well-designed, individualized fake email convinces customers to update their account information to avoid suspension.

Have you received the email from the fraudsters? The customers are then asked to fill in their login details for accessing the account. No Netflix executives exist with that name, according to Mashable. But instead of directing you to the actual Netflix website, clicking the "Restart Membership" button on the email leads you to a fake website (that again, looks legit thanks to recent press photos and images) and ultimately provides your credit card details straight to the scammer.

Technology experts, Mailguard, have said that more than 110 million users could be targeted by the email with the subject line "Your suspension notification". The cyber-security firm notes that scammers can design the fake email and bogus websites in a way that it is nearly impossible to identify.

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So if you see an email in your inbox that looks anything like the below, be sure to get on to Netflix and confirm it's really from them.

Netflix did not immediately respond to request for comment.

There's another email scam targeting Netflix subscribers, according to a report from Deadline Hollywood. The screenshots shown above and below surfaced thanks to tech privacy firm Mailguard.