OJ freed from prison, could move to Florida

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According to CNN, infamous jailbird and former National Football League all-star OJ Simpson is now out on parole after being released from the Nevada correctional facility he had been holed up in while serving nine years for kidnapping and armed robbery.

Simpson's release was very much done in secret today to avoid too much attention from the press.

The official Facebook page of the Nevada Department of Corrections posted a short video of Simpson's release in the early Sunday morning darkness.

"He truly is remorseful and we just want him to come home so that we can move forward for us", Simpson's daughter Arnelle said at the hearing.

According to CNN, Simpson left the prison with "three or four boxes about the size of a microwave".

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Inside the boxes were items such as a hot plate, clothing and shower shoes, she said. Simpson denied having a substance abuse problem and also said he attended rehabilitation courses focusing on mediation.

He has said he wanted to move back to Florida, where he lived before his armed robbery conviction in Las Vegas in a September 2007 confrontation with two sports memorabilia dealers. Simpson was released from prison. It's reported he'll live with friends in a wealthy gated Nevada community.

FILE PHOTO: O.J. Simpson reacts during his parole hearing at Lovelock Correctional Center in Lovelock, Nevada, U.S. on July 20, 2017. "Maybe not the first day or second, but he is going to go out". She says a driver met Simpson at the prison but she doesn't know who it was and had no information where he was headed.

"He's going to focus on kids, friends, his family and golf", Scotto said.

Simpson lawyer Attorney Malcolm LaVergne has said Simpson will go to Florida, where he previously has lived. The former Buffalo Bills player will have to adhere to the conditions set by the Nevada parole board, which include banning him from consuming alcohol in large quantities or hanging out with ex-convicts or people who engage in criminal activity. Simpson, of course, had been acquitted 13 years earlier in the murders of Nicole Brown and Ronald Goldman, though a 1997 civil trial found him accountable for the deaths.