Japan, US agree to seek diplomatic solution to Korean Peninsula tensions

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Sugiyama, briefing reporters separately, reiterated Japan's support for President Donald Trump's policy of keeping all options open, but stressed the need for a diplomatic solution by bolstering cooperation among Japan, U.S. and South Korea, as well as via cooperation with China and Russian Federation.

The EU said the new steps were taken because of the "persistent threat to global peace and stability" posed by North Korea's government.

"The situation on the Korean peninsula, where the attention of the entire world is concentrated, has reached a critical point, and a nuclear war can begin at any moment", the diplomat said.

He stated that the United States deployed nuclear weapons in South Korea in 1957 and for the past 40 years conducted large-scale military exercises involving the use of strategic weapons. Even within Trump's administration, there are conflicts over how to deal with North Korea.

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The European Union has banned sales of crude oil refined petroleum products to North Korea as it further tightened sanctions on the communist country over its nuclear and missile programs.

U.S. Deputy Secretary of State John Sullivan was in Tokyo earlier in the day to meet with his Japanese counterpart and that country's national security adviser.

Of course, no sane person, including Donald Trump, wants to see a nuclear World War 3, and it seems that North Atlantic Treaty Organisation is keen to encourage Trump to find a diplomatic solution. Stoltenberg also warned that a military intervention in North Korea would be catastrophic.

Diplomacy with North Korea will be fruitless until the rogue nation has developed intercontinental ballistic missiles capable of reaching targets on the United States' eastern seaboard, an official in Pyongyang has declared. Exploding a nuclear warhead over the Pacific would likely be a step too far for the worldwide community.