Canyon Fire 2 Threatens 5000 Homes in Orange County

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The fire broke out in the area of the eastbound 91 Freeway at the 241 shortly before 10 a.m., initially scorching 25 acres at it spread at a "moderate to rapid" rate, according to the Anaheim Fire and Rescue Department. Strong winds, with gusts in excess of 70 miles per hour, sent hot embers flying from home to home and the fire quickly spread.

Wyatt urged all residents in evacuation zones to clear the area and not attempt to return until notified it was safe.

Authorities have ordered evacuations of neighborhoods and two elementary schools and shut down heavily traveled freeways.

Horses can be evacuated to west end of Yorba Regional Park. An additional 500 firefighters are expected in the area by later today.

Another fire burned in the same area on September 25. VIDEO: Anaheim Hills family describes panic as fire nears homeA shelter for evacuees was set up at East Anaheim Community Center, 8201 E. Santa Ana Canyon Road. Officials haven't yet determined the cause of the fire. There was also no word on whether those campuses would reopen Tuesday, with the decision dependent on the fire fight.

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Around 200 firefighters worked to battle the flames Monday afternoon, but California Fire said it was still not at all contained, according to ABC News.

"Disney does a good job about creating a happy little magic bubble within its gates so I didn't realise the severity of [the fire] until we got home", user littlegraythread wrote.

Officials noted that even with assists to outside areas, they are ready for any breakouts in L.A.

The fire continued to burn on the east side of the 241 and south of 91 Freeway Tuesday morning. The westbound lanes were closed at the 241 connector, she added.