Body Parts Found By Divers of Swedish Journalist Kim Wall

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Her torso - minus her head, arms and legs - was found on a beach on Amager Island near Copenhagen, 11 days after she took a trip on his homemade submarine.

Danish police said Saturday that the head and legs of Swedish journalist Kim Wall had been found, nearly two months after she disappeared on a submarine trip with Peter Madsen, the Danish investor who built his own submarine.

Police have previously said 15 stab wounds were found on the torso and Mr Moeller Jensen said there were no fractures to 30-year-old Ms Wall's skull.

Videos were also recovered on Madsen's computer showing women being strangled, decapitated and burned.

Peter Madsen, a Danish submarine enthusiast has been charged with her murder but is denying the charges.

Friday's discovery will likely strengthen prosecutors' case against Danish inventor Peter Madsen.

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Madsen initially claimed Wall was returned safety ashore but later changed his account and claimed that an accident on deck killed the journalist and therefore he had buried her at sea.

For the prosecution, it is no doubt that the inventor has killed Kim Wall to fulfill a sexual fantasy before killing her and dismembering.

Madsen however insisted the hard drive did not belong to him. "And then we found a head that also laid in a bag, and was weighed down with multiple metal pieces".

Madsen remains in police custody as the investigation continues.

But the group became engaged in a long-running dispute over the Nautilus, before members of the board made a decision to transfer the vessel's ownership to Madsen, according to the sub's website.

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