10-year-old boy charged after police led on 100mph auto chase

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The boy's mother's boyfriend called police and said the preteen took his auto while waiting for his sister was in the shower. After the vehicle the boy was driving came to a complete stop, officers ran over to that auto door, broke the window and removed the boy from the auto.

Once officers began to chase the young driver, speeds of more than 100 miles per hour were reported. At one point during the call, the mother told the dispatcher she was anxious her son would get into an accident. In a 911 call, the mother says the vehicle belonged to the boy's father. Police closed in and blocked him from re-entering the road; the vehicle eventually ended in a ditch.

The state patrol picked up the chase when the boy entered I-80.

OH trooper Richard Reeder told Cleveland 19 TV that eight patrol cars were involved.

"One of the troopers made visual contact, eye-to-eye contact with the child and motioned for him to pull over, and the child physically shook his head "no" and continued driving", Reeder told Cleveland 19 news. A short time later, another driver called to report the kid was being chased by someone assumed to be his mom.

The chase ended at 9:49 a.m., about one hour after he took off.

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His mother arrived at the scene shortly after the crash.

No one was injured during the incident. "You could have got killed".

It was the second time in two weeks the boy had gone joyriding in a family auto, police said.

Earlier this month, he was spotted in his mother's vehicle on Interstate 90.

A Cleveland police report shows the boy was previously arrested for stealing his mom's 2013 Dodge Charger on October 16.

According to a police report cited by the Chigaco Tribune, the boy stole his mother's 2013 Dodge Charger on October 16 and drove it down a freeway with three flat tyres.